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With over two decades of experience under our belt, NuTechs is proud of its successful growth into one of Southeast Michigan's premier IT consulting firms.

NuTechs was founded in 1993 as a permanent staffing firm with an initial focus on placement of IT professionals. However, our clients' growing demand for short-term staffing solutions resulted in NuTechs' quick evolution to a staff augmentation operation. Innovative and flexible staffing solutions on both a short and long-term basis became, and remains, the hallmark of NuTechs' Consulting Services practice.

In 1996, NuTechs launched its Groupware practice which transformed into the Collaboration Solutions group. This launch brought together experienced messaging and collaborative solutions professionals. Our expertise of development and administration has allowed us to provide progressive technology and practical solutions to traditional business problems. The specialization and dedication NuTechs provides has grown into the largest collaboration practice in Southeast Michigan.

The increasing demand from NuTechs' customers for fast, practical network, web and e-commerce solutions encouraged the creation of our Network Services and Web-Based Solutions practices in early 1999. By concurrently launching these two practices, NuTechs is able to combine each group's resources to provide both support and entire end-to-end solutions. Network Services is now an important part of our Consulting Services practice.

NuTechs continually takes significant strides toward preserving its position on the cutting edge of IT solutions, and our partnership with iEnterprises is a perfect example of taking one of our core strengths - Collaboration Solutions, in this case - and leveraging it with a great "shrink-wrapped" product. The pace has been fast; the action has been furious; our focus on the customer has been unwavering. NuTechs is proud of its history and its well-earned reputation as one of Southeast Michigan's premier IT consulting providers.